Husband Catches His Wife And Her Own Father In Bed Na-ked


Wonders shall never end! A husband in Oakland County was stabbed after he discovered his wife in bed with her own father. The 25-year-old man came home to find his wife and her dad n**e in bed.

The man’s wife said that she did not know anything had happened until her husband woke her up.

She and her father had been out drinking, and she said that she passed out when they returned home. She said that she had reason to believe she was s*xually assaulted and was examined by hospital staff.

The husband woke his father-in-law up, and the two got into an argument that continued outside. The older man, Henry Allen Michael, then allegedly stabbed his son-in-law in the back with a knife and drove away in the victim’s vehicle.

The man was taken to hospital and treated for a stab wound that may have perforated his right lung.

Husband Catches His Wife And Her Own Father In Bed Na-ked 2

At the time of the stabbing, the wife’s father, Michael, was staying at the victim’s house after having been released from prison. He has since been arrested and is being held at the Oakland County Jail.

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