Husband Returns From Work, Catches Their Pastor Sleeping With His Wife


What a mess! Residents of Wahab Close in the notorious Ejigbo area of Lagos were stunned by the drama that played out in their vicinity recently after a pastor who sneaked into a man’s house to enjoy himself with the man’s wife was caught red-handed in the act.The pastor, who had already pulled off his pair of trousers and soutane, ran out wearing only his underwear when the man, known as Vitalis Okere, barged into his bedroom…

The action caused commotion in the street as the residents expressed shock over what happened.

According to PM News, the pastor, identified as Victor, had allegedly been sneaking into Okere’s apartment and was sleeping with his adulterous wife identified as Chidinma for several months.
While the alleged illicit affair was going on, Okere, who is a security guard and spends much of his time at work, did not know until their 11-year old daughter informed him about what has been going on behind his back whenever he went to work.

Okere works as a guard in a company; he leaves home in the afternoon and returns the next morning.

Whenever he is away at work, Pastor Victor takes over his wife.
The pastor would sneak into Okere’s home to meet Chidinma when their five children had gone to school.

Whenever the children return from school in the evening, they would stay outside while Pastor Victor and their mom, Chidinma would lock themselves inside their room pretending that they were praying.

The eldest daughter who did not like what was happening informed their dad. On the day the nemesis caught up with the adulterous pair, Okere dressed up and told his wife Chidinma that he was going to work and would return the following morning.

She invited Pastor Victor with the hope that her husband had gone to work and would not be around.

While the pastor and Chidinma locked themselves inside, and the children were outside, Okere came back in the evening and knocked at the door and asked Chidinma to open the door for him.

While it was taking them much longer time to pen the door, Okere forced the door open and Pastor Victor, who had not finish dressing up, rushed out in his pant, leaving behind his jeans trousers and soutane.

When Okere confronted his wife about what she was doing with the pastor behind closed doors, she lied that “we were just praying oh” with a wrapper on.

Okere left angrily with the pastor’s clothes and went to the police station and reported what happened.

The clothes were kept as exhibit at the station and Chidinma was asked to produce Pastor Victor who is now on the run.

During a visit to the compound, the eldest daughter who revealed the whole saga said her mom had gone to the village in Imo State over the matter.

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