I Juggle Three Men Every Night- Confessions of A Sex Addict

A self-identified sex addict admits to hooking up with three different men in one night and meeting with guys just to have sex.
“They wouldn’t even have to take me to dinner first,” the anonymous woman wrote in a confession to Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin. “You don’t want to get too full before a bedroom romp, after all.”
Being in a monogamous relationship makes dealing with her condition a little easier because “you always have someone to get your fix with and don’t have to worry about catching anything because of your addiction,” she shares.
Her life is often a balancing act. One night she slept with two men before moving on to the third, whom she was “supposed to be seeing at the time.” She’s also tried to juggle three sexual partners with the same first name.
“You really have to be careful when sending a text message in a hurry, especially when they’re of the opinion you’re only seeing them,” she wrote.
The woman admits to feeling especially guilty and ashamed because she always thought of men as the sex-obsessed gender.
“Aren’t (women) the ones who are supposed to feign a headache to get out of doing the deed?” she asks in her confession.
 She comments that if she had the time she’d sneak off to the bathrooms to alleviate her urges and says there are little ‘key-ring vibrators’ that can be used in an emergency.

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