In Senegal: People Will Now Drink Water Created from Human Faeces


It sounds like a tough sell – water created from human poo.

However, Bill Gates (Pictured above drinking water created from human poo) has backed a new hi-tech water plant than could bring clean water to Africa – and has even drunk it.

The Microsoft founder has backed a Seattle firm’s radical machine that uses a combination of steam and filters to convert human waste into water the firm says it indistinguishable from bottled water.

Called the OmniProcessor, the new kind of low-cost waste treatment plant has been backed by the Gates Foundation, and is about to be tested in Senegal for the first time.

‘I watched the piles of feces go up the conveyer belt and drop into a large bin,’ said Bill Gates on his Blog.

‘They made their way through the machine, getting boiled and treated.

‘A few minutes later I took a long taste of the end result: a glass of delicious drinking water.’

In the video showing the moment Gates drinks the water, he does look slightly concerned.

However, after a taste, he laughs.

It tastes as good as anything I’ve drunk out of a bottle,’ he said.

‘And having studied the engineering behind it, I would happily drink it every day. It’s that safe.’

Each roughly $1.5-million plant can process sewage for a community of about 100,000 people, the firm behind it says.

The machine runs at such a high temperature (1000 degrees Celsius) that there’s no nasty smell; in fact it meets all the emissions standards set by the U.S. government.

-Daily Mail

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