Indian Man Allegedly Steals Okada Rider’s Manhood In Lagos [Photos + Video]


Wonders shall never end. A viral footage has emerged of an Indian man who was apprehended on Saturday, October 31 at Satellite town, Lagos. He was arrested for allegedly stealing an Okada rider’s manhood.

As the story goes, the Indian alighted from a bus which was was headed to mile 2 and negotiated with the okada rider to take him to his destination, and they agreed on a fee.

On getting to the gate just before Navy town, the Indian instructed the rider to stop that he had arrived his destination. The man then paid the rider far more than what initially agreed.

Indian Man Allegedly Steals Okada Rider's Manhood In Lagos [Photos + Video] 2

Just after being paid by the Indian man, the biker said he realised his private part was missing, and raised alarm which attracted other bike riders who apprehended the man.

Indian Man Allegedly Steals Okada Rider's Manhood In Lagos [Photos + Video] 3

According to witnesses, they even began beating the man without anyone confirming if the bike riders claims were true.

Watch video below

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