Insects From Hell! Bees Sting Mother & Child to Death in Delta State


Sorrow and anguish struck the home of the Igbebunas in the Ogwashi-Uku village of Delta State over the yuletide season as a hive of strange bees stung a woman and her teenage son to death.

Mrs Igbebuna and her family visited their home town of Ogwashi-Uku when the evil bees attacked her and her teenage son. Mrs. Ibebuna who is the Principal of a secondary school in Ekuoma village of Delta State died instantly while her son died three days later in the hospital.

Mrs. Igbebuna on Friday, January 2 reportedly visited the main campus of the Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku with her son and a woman friend when tragedy struck. Mrs Igbebuna, her son and her friend were at the Fine and Applied Art Department of the Polytechnic to keep updated on the development going on in the campus when the bees attacked.

The Hive of bees according to sources close to the family came from nowhere and attacked the woman and her child. The bees reportedly attacked the boy first before descending on Mrs. Igbebuna while she was attempting to save her son.

Both of them were rushed to the hospital but Mrs. Igbebuna died on her way. Her child died three days later in the hospital and was buried the same day.

Mrs. Igbebuna who is in her late 50s is survived by other children and her husband, Mr Igbebuna who works at the Ika North East Local Government Secretariat, Owa Oyibo.

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