JOBS: How To Get A Bank Teller Job In Any Nigerian Bank


Bank tellers are the front-line transaction officers that attend to customers’ day to day transactions in the banking halls. Their duties includes paying cash, receiving cash deposits, sometimes they also serve as customer service representative in most banks.

They are always smart and cheerful in attending to customers’ requests and that is why most banks require smart and young looking employees not more than 26years of age.

The academic qualification for tellering jobs are National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND) and on rare occasion accepts National Certificate in Education (NCE)

Most banks do not directly employ tellers, rather they employ the services of outsourcing firms to help them recruit staff and they call these set of workforce “support staff” or “contract staff”.

Getting involved with a tellering job in any Nigerian bank is very easy, there are quite a number of outsourcing firms that are good in what they do, some of them are Integrated Corporate Services, VLA, Xl, philip outsourcing, insourcing, workforce, etc.

Their mode of selection and recruitment are similar, they always have vacancy for job seekers as there is always openings in banks as a result of resignation or a support staff is returned.

These steps can work for any of the outsourcing firms:

1. Visit their website or office
2. Submit your CV and application
3. Within a month or less you will be invited for an aptitude test
4. After passing the test you will be invited for interview

A successful interview always translate to getting the job.

It should be noted that working as a support staff means you are not an employee of the bank, rather it is the outsourcing company that directly employs you and seconded your services to the designated bank. In the event of a bad conduct, you will not be sacked, but will be simply returned back to your employer.

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