Kanye West Tries to Walk on Water at Surprise Concert in Armenia (Photos + Video)


Kanye West likes to call himself “Yeezus,” which sort of rhymes with Jesus, but this weekend he took the comparisons to a new level by attempting to literally walk on water.

The incident took place during an impromptu free surprise concert he put up in Armenia at the edge of the Swan Lake in Yerevan on Sunday.

After large crowd of fans waited about an hour, Kanye began performing as if downtown Armenia was the biggest stage on the planet. At one point, Kanye makes a point of shouting out his wife, Kim Kardashian, who is half Armenian.

Then, after about 15 minutes, without warning, he rushes into the lake, microphone in hand, while 
continuing to rap to the crowd. Check out the exciting way after the pics below. The crowd loved it!

But as soon as Kanye hopped in the water, fans began wading in as well, prompting police to shut the mini-concert down.







Watch the Video Below:


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