King of Swaziland Chooses New Wife, Tests Top.less Girls’ Vir.ginity Publicly [PHOTOS]


A common tradition in Swaziland (Swazi) permits the King, Mswati, to choose a new bride every year. According to reports by Talk Africa,

it has been a long time tradition in Swaziland and isn’t the first time this controversial issue is making it into the news.

It will be recalled that in 2012, Dailymail reported that topless vir.gins were paraded in front of the Swazi King, to celebrate chastity and unity.
As part of Swazi custom and norms, that time of the year has come, when the King chooses his bride and again, he has reportedly tested girls’ vir.ginity before choosing a wife for himself.

The Reed Dance ceremony, known as Umhlanga reveals thousands of Swaziland’s ‘prettiest vir.gins’ dancing topless for King Mswati III, every August, hoping to be his next wife.

As the story goes, underage girls are being publicly checked to ascertain that their vir.ginity was still intact. Click Here To See How Girls Where Tested.

Click Here To See How The Physical Vir.ginity Test Is Done

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