Little Baby Girl Who Had Heart Ailment In 2001 And Was Assisted By Kanu Heart Foundation Is 19 Now And Is An Undergraduate (Photos)


A 4-year old girl that was brought to The Kanu Heart Foundation 15 years ago who had a heart problem and was attended to and sponsored all through her surgery by the footballer’s foundation is now 19 and in a university.kanuu-0

The footballer posted the photos on his page and we are so thrilled.


God bless kanu’s heart foundation.

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  1. thank u Lord for using KANU to give life to this child, may God bless now u have seen her,she is undergraduate, thank u Lord.

  2. people should learn how to help d neede an to look out for those dt need help,dt is why I love TB.Joshua, he use to help d neede.


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