Man Beats Wife to Death in Lagos For Being Barren (Photo)


57-year-old Ikechukwu Anajekwu, is cooling his heels at the Kirikiri Maximum Prison for beating his wife, Obiageli, to death over her inability to bear him children.

The suspect accused his wifed of being behind his badluck which included his arrest for drug trafficking, imprisonment and his misfortunes in life.

According to the deceased family, Anajekwu had turned their daughter into a punching bag shortly after he came came from prison and it was on one of such beatings on January 19, 2015, that the lady slumped and died.

Obiageli’s brother narrated the circumstances that led to Anajekwu killing his sister.

“When Ikechukwu came for Obiageli’s hand in marriage, he told us that he runs a restaurant in Brazil. After the marriage however, he was arrested for drug trafficking.

He was imprisoned in Cameroon, but his wife waited patiently for him until he finished his term. Even while he was in prison, my sister said she used to send him money.

It was after his return from prison that the marriage began to fall apart. Ikechukwu became violent and started beating his wife over any real or imagined slight.

Our family invited them to the village. The man accused my sister of being a witch. He said she couldn’t give him a child after years of marriage.

He also accused her of being responsible for his set back in business.”

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