The 15 Most Entertaining Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Ever (With Pictures)


Let’s get to work on debunking these absolutely incredible conspiracies about celebrities. Honestly though, we find some of these to be downright hilarious, while others are just kind of offensive. We will let you read for yourself and think it over as you go through our list of The 15 Most Entertaining Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Ever. These ones will really throw you for a loop and make you question human intelligence. If there is anyone out there who actually believes these theories, then we are hoping for your mental recovery.

We don’t want to be mean, but really, these conspiracy theories are so crazy and could never be true in real life. In fact, some of them are founded on pure nothingness and would only be accepted if someone denied the rules of physics and nature. These celebrity conspiracy theories run the gamut from family relations to famous people’s true ages and identities. And there will always be a surplus of celebrity conspiracy theories about deaths and reincarnations or clones. What is it with assuming that a celeb has died and that they are now being replaced by an impersonator? Famous people can die too, and we’ll all be okay.

Brace yourself, because the celebrity conspiracy theories below will make you scratch your chin, shake your head, and laugh out loud. If you are looking for a good joke, then we have 15 of them right here! Unfortunately, there are some people out there who take these theories as the truth.

15. Lorde Is Years Older Than She Says She Is

The 15 Most Entertaining Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Ever (With Pictures) 1

Let’s start our list with something extremely entertaining involving an entertainer from New Zealand.Lorde is a popular singer, with hits such as “Team,” and “Royals.” And while she does look very mature for her age, that’s just the way she looks! It doesn’t mean she is a middle-aged woman trying to pass for a teenager. Some celebrity conspiracy theorists say that Lorde is actually in her 40s or 50s, and that explains her not-so-average looks and appearance. We honestly think that the 19-year-old is beautiful, and in our minds she doesn’t look a thing like a middle-aged woman. Plus, she doesn’t have the kind of skin or complexion that a woman twice her age would have. People need to accept that there are different kinds of beauty in the world and that just because someone is talented doesn’t mean you need to bash the way they look. Drops mic

14. Nicholas Cage Is A Vampire

The 15 Most Entertaining Celebrity Conspiracy Theories Ever (With Pictures) 14

Personally, anything that talks about Nicolas Cage as being some kind of freak of nature is something that we find entertaining. Even ABC News covered this celebrity conspiracy theory. The news source covered an op-ed piece on its website in which the writer explained that Nicolas Cage was a vampire from the Civil War. A black and white photograph from 1870 shows a dude who looks JUST LIKE Nicolas Cage. Boom. Theory true. Really though, vampires? The writer of the op-ed piece even went further, saying that Nicolas Cage reincarnates every 75 years and takes on the profession of his liking. In this day and age, he is an actor, but maybe in his next life he will be a politician or a singer. Wow. While the photograph does bear a striking resemblance to Nicolas Cage, the idea of him being a vampire is way too far fetched.


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