Must Watch Video: Popular American Rapper Eminem Comes Out Of The Closet.. Says He Is Gay


Well its all a clip from the highly anticipated movie ”The Interview”,  If standing up to terrorist-like threats isn’t enough to get you to see .

This movie, maybe this new clip will change your mind.

Ever since the whole Sony hack went down, it’s been unclear exactly what would happen with the Seth Rogen andJames Franco comedy.

Thankfully, Sony didn’t bow down to the hackers and they’ve released The Interview digitally and in certain movie theaters!

And this is one of the best reasons!

In this hilarious clip from the film, Franco’s character Dave Skylark is interviewing rapper Eminem.

During the interview, Eminem casually comes out as gay!!

The funniest thing is how realistically the scene unfolds!

We’re sure with all the homophobic lyrics in his music, it’d be pretty easy to believe he actually was a self-hating gay man.

If Eminem came out as gay on live TV, we’re pretty sure this is exactly what it’d look like… and it’s hilarious!! We love that he can joke about himself!

Also, Eminem in real life actually came out in support of marriage equality in 2010!

Check out the video (below) to watch Eminem “admit” he’s a gay man!!


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