“My Explicit Scenes With Omotola Jalade Were Very Real And Passionate” – Wale Ojo Says


In a recent interview with GOLDEN PEARL MEDIA, Nigerian Actor, Wale Ojo, revealed that erotic scenes in the much anticipated “Alter Ego” movie which premieres today, 7th of July, are real.

The United Kingdom returnee, said that he spoke with his partner before he played the erotic scenes just as his co-actor, Omotola Jalade had earlier made known that she sought the permission of her husband, before playing the sex scenes in the movie.

He said:

“My sex scenes with Omotola are very easy. After all, I am a sexy person. I don’t see it as that hard. Omotola and I are great friends, so it was very easy for us to have that chemistry and do what we had to do. It wasn’t difficult at all. Our kisses were real. We grabbed each other, we were passionate, it is natural. It is real.”‎

When asked if he felt something emotionally while the act was going on, he claimed that they are good friends.

He said:

“Of course, you have to have an emotion to do this. We are good friends, so things worked out well. It wasn’t that hard. I always love playing the bad guy role.”‎

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