Nadia Buari Gave Birth to Her Twins ‘PREMATURELY’ + Father of Twins REVEALED


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It took most of us by surprise when it was announced in March, 2015 that Nadia Buari has given birth to beautiful twins, making her a mother of three—the first we maintain she gave birth to when she was a teenager.

The shock of the birth was not due to the fact that Nadia Buari could not have twins any time she wanted but because she was spotted in December at Majid Michel’s mother funeral in Accra and no one could pick up or attest to the fact that she was pregnant.

For someone to have been spotted in December and then given birth in March, she must have been 6/7 months pregnant in that December—such a state of pregnant would rarely
escape the eyes of colleagues and media men who attend the funeral.

But we now have the answer; Nadia Buari was only 4 months or so pregnant in December—which meant that she was able to hide her baby bump under the loose black dress she wore. And her calm at the funeral also saved her from unnecessary attention or scrutiny.

Reliable information reaching GhanaCelebrities.Com has it that, Nadia Buari’s twin girls who were delivered in the United States were pre-maturely popped out. The actress had the babies at 7 months, instead of the usual 9 months due to complications.

And this perfectly explains the big December miss which has been causing some sort of confusion. It also answers the big question; how did it happen under such a big secrecy…We now know!

For who the father is; we have closed in on the gentleman who is one of Majid Michel’s kind—and ex boyfriend of Nadia Buari. She broke up with him and went in for Jim Iyke and in-between her problems with Jim, she went crawling in bed with her, the source told GhanaCelebrities.Com. Apparently, a paternity test has been conducted to ascertain that indeed homeboy is the father of the twins.

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