New Rape Allegations! Timaya May Be Facing 8 Years in Jail If Found Guilty (PHOTO)

With another girl now accusing Timaya of raping her, law enforcement agents are now speaking about jail time if Timaya is found to be guilty of accuser, Shella B’s rape allegations.
Efe Ugboro, a legal practitioner, is now saying that if Shella B’s documents and testimonies turn out to be true, Timaya may be looking at jail time of between 2 and 14 years. She also revealed that in the US, where Shella filed the case, the average prison time for rape is between 8 and 9 years.
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Efe said: “The Section 357 and 358 of the Criminal Code Cap “C38”, Laws of the Federation, 2004, states: ‘In plain language, a person has committed rape when he has sexual relations (carnal knowledge) with a woman against her will.”
Shella who posted the picture above on her Instagram said:

If I keep talking I wonder how many more girls will come forward this same allegation against u. no means no! There is no smoke without fire #timaya remember when everyone said Bill Cosby could do no wrong hmmm confess to your sins!! I know you’re rapist you know your a rapist

Timaya better be telling the truth because he just had a new baby girl who should not have to go 8 or 9 years without a father.

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