Niger State Claims 1million Names are Missing From the Permanent Voters Card List


The APC, in a statement by its spokesman in Niger state, Jonathan Vatsa, said it discovered that the particulars of voters in seven wards of Shiroro, Gbako and other local government areas were missing and that the voters might not get their PVC. He also called for the removal or redeployment of the state’s INEC commissioner.

“The truth is that the areas excluded from the PVC collection have always been the stronghold of APC in previous elections in the state. The inference now falls in perspective on why in the last Niger-East by-elections some of our supporters could not cast their votes because their names were missing from the voter register.”

What worries us in the APC is that INEC said that there should be continuous voter registration. The pertinent question is, what becomes of those who have earlier registered but their names could not be traced on the INEC register, as many of our supporters may be disenfranchised before 2015 general elections thereby giving way for rigging and all other manipulations of elections Niger State is notorious for.

We are not sure of the neutrality of the Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr Emmanuel Onucheyo, who has subjected himself to the whims and caprices of the government in power. That has justified our previous call that if a free and fair election is to be conducted in Niger State the Resident Electoral Commissioner in the state must be removed or redeployed to where his material craving will be tolerated,’ the statement said.

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  1. BosoI don’t think Baba will interfere. He doesn’t want to get cheklad down in history as performing one last military exploit’ before leaving office. That’ll be up to Goodluck and Yar’Adua to fix.Calabar GalTrust me, I’ve been on the giving end for long and suddenly, I’m getting a taste of my own medicine. I hope when the government strikes back it won’t degenerate into one of those guerilla warfare cases that the United States will decide to poke its nose into.NaijablokeExactly. Talk about seizing $500,000. We’re talking N64 million here.OverwhelmedFor some reason I don’t like Halle Berry. I prefer Ursula Andress’s Honey Rider role in Dr No. If I remember correctly, she it was who first pulled that bikin stunt. I’ve disliked Berry since I saw those lips say I’m not here to suck your **** Stan’ to Hugh Jackman in Swordfish.NillaHmmm. Look who’s talking. You don’t have anything to say and you’re . That sounds like news to me.

  2. hunter13December 1, 2012 at 10:27 amarsenal have built a stadium mate …what they need is the support of their fans. and not a bunch of negative twats doing on the teracces what journalists cunts do in the media….


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