8 Nigerian Big Boys That Are Richer Than Hushpuppi, Yet Very Humble (With Pictures)


Nigerian Big Boys That Are Richer Than Hushpuppi – From the blings to the first class travels, fast rides and expensive shopping, they’ve got it all and they like to show it off on Instagram…

Meet The Real Nigerian Big Boys on Instagram… Let’s just say, these Folks are a lot way richer than Hushpuppi, but they are yet Loyal and Humble. Feed your eyes below…

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Here’s a focus on how some of these young Nigerians are living the high life and getting attention from all over the world via Instagram.

With wealth from areas such as entertainment, fashion merchandise and other forms of businesses as per their profiles, these chaps are simply living the lives that many can only dream of…but is it just for the gram?

Let it be know that these pictures show that even though these individuals are ‘balling’, sometimes what you see can be very deceiving…From the expensive cars, to the exotic holidays and expensive trendy fashion, see how these rich kids live their lives all on Instagram & Display them for us to see!..

Meet 8 Nigerian Big Boys That Are Richer Than Hushpuppi

1. Jowizazaa

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