Top Nigerian Celebrities & the Houses They Live In – See How Big They Are (With Pictures)

Nigerian Celebrities & the Houses They Live In

Nigerian Celebrities and the houses they live in: Celebrities will never carry last. From living in expensive apartments, to owning them, to having flashy fleets of cars down to their jewelries and all, Nigerian celebrities will never be last on the List of “Luxury Living” if there ever will be a list like that.

In Nigeria, we are aware of the fact that One’s home is a reflection of one’s success and achievements in whatever chosen occupation/profession and “Entertainment” is most definitely not exempted.

Every Nigerian celebrity have a dream of acquiring their own multi-million naira mansion and to have this dream come true is usually a long time life goal.

Although, Nigeria may have the highest number of celebrities in the continent, not all of them have their own personal homes, that’s why this weekend, YBL brings to you the Top 12 celebrities who actually have their own personal multimillion Naira homes..

Without taking much of your time, we move to the first celebrity on our list, they are actually couples.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe (T.W.O)

Top Nigerian Celebrities & the Houses They Live In – See How Big They Are (With Pictures) 1

When we talk about one of the richest couples in the Entertainment Industry, Tunde and Wunmi Obe would be named first as they are not only rich but are also the oldest couple when it comes to years of Marriage.

The both of them who have being making music for quite some time now were both given birth to with silver spoons, and when i say “Silver Spoons”, I don’t mean the literal idiom “Silver Spoon”, I’m talking of the silver spoon that is “diamond encrusted”, you catch my drift ? Lol.

That privilege sort of gave them a head start.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe, who are said to be the Industry’s most popular celebrity couple have carved a niche for themselves with their peculiar type of music.

The couples met in UNILAG in 1988 and dated for 10 years before they actually got married.

Mr Tunde Obe is the son of a late Ambassador, while his wife, Wunmi, who owns a beauty business, is the duaghter of late Punch founder Olu Aboderin.

Top Nigerian Celebrities & the Houses They Live In – See How Big They Are (With Pictures) 2

The both of them have a tremendous mansion located in the Lagos metropolis which reportedly costs about N400Million

Top Nigerian Celebrities & the Houses They Live In – See How Big They Are (With Pictures) 3

The mansion, built for over six years, according to a source close to the couple, sits on over two plots, with facilities including a swimming pool customized with their acronym T.W.O in it, an audio visual studio, bar and lounge, guest chalet, patio, gym, Sauna, basketball court and conference/meeting rooms.


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