16 Nigerian Celebrities You Never Knew Are Lawyers (With Pictures)

Nigerian Celebrities You Never Knew Are Lawyers

Nigerian Celebrities You Never Knew Are Lawyers – Education is an integral part of the human life and its importance cannot be overemphasized. Here is a list of popular Nigerian celebrities you didn’t know studied law.. Check them out right after the cut.

Here Are Nigerian Celebrities You Never Knew Are Lawyers

1. Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD)

16 Nigerian Celebrities You Never Knew Are Lawyers (With Pictures) 2

Veteran Nollywood actor popularly referred to as RMD had his first degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Benin.

After making an indelible impact in the make believe industry as an actor, RMD went back to the University of Lagos in 1997 to earn a degree in Law to fulfil his mother’s life long wish for her son to be a Lawyer.

He was subsequently called to the Nigerian Bar.


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  1. Ohh.. Falz said in soft work that he should have in Chambers but no regrets, this one dey pay pass. Now I understand that line.

  2. Some of these artist are not lawyers oooooo. Some never went to law school but only had LL.b( graduates of law from the university) as solicitors but not as lawyers or as advocates.. So please media should get your facts clear.

  3. RMD is a qualified lawyer that am 102percent sure cos we wet to the same law school. But am not sure Funke went to law school but she is a university law graduate.

  4. You need tograduate from both your university and the law school to be called a lawyer. A university law graduant only only qualifies you as Solicitor and not a lawyer. All take note please.

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  6. Yes Christiana. One who goes to law school is a barrister AKA lawyer. But if you only finished from the university as a law graduate and didn’t further to attend the law school and pass the bar exams at the law school, then you are just a solicitor, can not be referred to as a lawyer or barrister and cannot advocate in court or defend litigants in a law court. However that doesn’t stop the person from been able to execute, administer or draft legal documents such as agreements, contract papers as a solicitor. Kindly take note of the difference christiana.

  7. This is what is attainable under our law as provided under our Legal Practitioners Act which is the act that defines, regulates the activities and practises of legal practitioners in Nigeria.

  8. Falz could actually speak a very good english…,hes jst speaking those bad vocals xo as to luk unique in d music industry nd hes a Lawyer in case u dnt knw

  9. Lol! I have always known that Falz was a lawyer. Infact! That was like the first thing I knew about him

  10. u can’t call dem lawyer becus dere is dffrnt btwn a lawyer and a law student some of dem just read law in school but dey don’t attend law school talkless of to call dem to bar so dey re not lawyer dey may be a law student but dat doesn’t make dem a lawyer

    • Do you even know what it means to be a lawyer? No, I guess. Lemme tell you, every Law graduate of the university is a lawyer. U become a barrister once u r called to the Nigerian Bar. So you see, they are correct when they referred to them as Lawyers.

  11. In Sierra Leone, whether a lawyer or a Barrister-at-Law and/ or a Solicitor, you have to pass the Bar exams, called to the Bar, finish your pupilage, before you can be referred to as aforementioned.

  12. Admin,how about our Kenneth Okonkwo aka Andy okereke..these celebrity list is incomplete without him,not only he read law as his second or third degree( perhaps he has his Masters in his first degree in UNN- Business Management) but also practising

  13. In case you don’t know, you don’t read law in law school you only learn practice. In England a lawyers is either practising or soliciting.

  14. Please be corrected. Anyone with a university degree in law(LL.B) is a lawyer! If you’ve successfully completed the law school and called to the Nigerian Bar (B.L) then you become a Barrister and Solicitor.

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  16. From your story, Funke Akindele, is not a lawyer. She has not attended the Nigerian Law School or be called to the Bar. She is just a law graduate.


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