Nigerian Man Chains His House Boy And Locks Him Inside Cage With Goats In Lagos – PHOTOS


According to one of our readers who sent in these photos, A Man in Lagos has chained his houseboy and some goats inside a cage for days without food, according to him the man regularly maltreats the house boy and this time he chained his legs like a slave, his address is No 5 offin canal Lagos island market, Please all human rights associations should come to his aide before he is killed, help this little child while he is still alive.

No one deserves to be treated like this no matter the houseboys offense, this is wickedness of the highest order and so inhuman, secondly Nigerians should stop giving births to children they can not take care of, if not this little child who is supposed to be in school will not be doing house boy work;

The Email Read:

good evening, pls this is what a man in lagos island, did to the house boy staying with him, I think the right authorities should be invited, he needs to be brought to book. He can someone padlock a child’s leg and throw him where goats stay? And locked the gate too. Pls help me share this but I want to remain anonymous The house address is No 5 offin canal Lagos island market


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