Nigerian Visa Reportedly Goes For One Dollar In 13 Countries


According to a report by Punch, while Nigerians pay exorbitantly for Visa fees of many foreign countries, some foreigners don’t pay much for ours.

In fact, 13 countries in the world pay just one dollar.

They are: nationals of Mauritania, Monaco, Morroco, New Zealand, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Burma, Dominican, Chile and Colombia.

Single-entry Nigerian visa in these countries will cost you between N00 and N 200.
For those applying for multiple entries, the fee is multiplied by the number of entries they are seeking.

US citizens are charged the highest, about N14,000 followed by Russia who we charge about N10k.

UK is N9,700, whereas a multiple-visa applicant is charged N16,200.

Countries such as Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Belgium and Spain, pay a little above N6,000 for a single-visa application.
Multiple-entry visa application fee in most of the listed countries is N9,000 plus.

All this was gotten from Nigeria’s immigration website, NIS.

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