Nigerian Woman Caught Selling Donkey Meat Disguising It As Cow Meat To Unsuspecting Buyers In Edo State – PHOTOS


According to a Nigerian facebook user Godwin Ekpen Obaseki who shared these photos a woman in Edo State has just been caught red handed  selling donkey meat disguising it as Cow meat;

MORE BURSTING as women selling donkey meat to unsuspecting buyers as cow meat is been caught at EKIOSA MARKET by the renewed vigor of the chairman of the NATIONAL BUTCHERS UNION OF NIGERIA, EDO STATE CHAPTER, COMRADE PAUL AKHERE ODIGIE and his versatile team assisting the ministry of agriculture vertinery department in their daily routine check, KUDOS SIR.

See some reactions below;

Imarhiaugu Odion Eghosa Wow this is Good news for our people but some people get bad mind shall selling Donkey meat as cow meat this Evil people should be send to jail

Egie Eweka It’s a pity, humans remain wicked to fellow humans! They shud also visit uselu market, a friend bought meat there last month, on getting home, d meat turn green… I suspect some of them

Freeman Goodluck Is donkey not animal has it any trace of disease to me it is better than pock meat or rabbit and so many other animals you guys eat

Isaac E O Ukponahiunsi Ojey read it very well before u asked question. If Nigeria were a normal country this woman should be given life imprisonment

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