Nigerians Are Useless & Stupid – Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Allegedly Reveals As She Explodes In Anger


Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson allegedly threw insults at Nigerians recently. Yvonne Nelson and Elvis Eze were involved in a heated argument at Ingrid Alabi’s birthday which went down at Ghana. Eze was accused of assault by the Ghanaian actress and Eze has since come out publicly to deny this and claimed that contrary to the media reports flying about, he never assaulted Yvonne rather he just gave her a piece of his mind over her negative attitude towards him after she snubbed him at the party.

Further telling his own side of the story, Eze said

“Ingrid Alabi invited me to her birthday party on Saturday, September 26, 2015. Upon getting to the party venue, I saw Yvonne Nelson at the event. After the party, I went inside Ingrid’s sitting room, where she hosted her exclusive guests to inform her that I was leaving. During that period, Yvonne Nelson taking pictures with the celebrant and one other actress. Ingrid then asked me to join them to take pictures together which we did.

“After taking the pictures, Ingrid introduced me to Yvonne Nelson as her brother and Yvonne to me as a friend. When the introduction was over, I wanted to have a handshake with Yvonne. She blatantly refused and she was rude to me, saying she doesn’t shake or hug people that she’s not familiar with and I walked out.”

Elvis Eze also said that he decided to approach the adorable actress as he was leaving Alabi’s residence as he saw her sitting in her car and didn’t dispute the fact that there were exchange of words but he never raised his hands against her or even threaten to.

“On my way out, I saw her sitting in her car and I walked up to her and told her that ‘Yvonne what you did in there is not called for because I’m a big fan of yours and I watch your movies, I follow your movies and I was opportune to see you for the first time after someone introduced me to you, I was just trying to say Hi and you were rude to me.’

“She just exploded and said ‘I should shift and get out from her front that she doesn’t want to talk to me’ after which we began to exchange words, I told her that ‘you stupid or sick in the head.’ That was it and she started insulting me and of Nigerians saying that ‘Nigerians are useless, mad, crazy and stupid.’ So I walked away from there and I went home,” he said.

Nigerians Are Useless & Stupid – Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Allegedly Reveals As She Explodes In Anger 2

Eze expressed his surprise at seeing the minor issue growing into a massive issue that went as far as Yvonne reporting him to the Acrra airport police and seeing his personality been insulted on the media.

“Two days after the event, I saw a post on Facebook saying that Yvonne Nelson had been assaulted by a Nigerian man named Elvis Eze also known as Elvis Casino. I was so baffled seeing this so I immediately called Ingrid. She (Ingrid) told me that Yvonne brought policemen to her house at about 3am, saying that Ingrid must take her to Elvis house to get him arrested for assaulting her. This is what I was told by Ingrid. Later on, I started receiving numerous calls from my friends and associates, telling me that my face is on T.V. and on newspapers alleging that I assaulted Yvonne and that a case had been lodged at the at airport police station in Accra by Yvonne regarding the incident.”

according to Eze.

Eze further added that:

“I never assaulted her, I didn’t touch her or beat her, I did not molest her and I left there without anybody harassing me or chased me out because I did not touch her. Even Ingrid Alabi was there and she can bear me witness and other people there can also bear witness to this. A lot of people were there, actors and actresses that were there can bear me witness.”

“I just saw her for the first time and I am one of her greatest fans, and I love her movies. I was surprised when I saw her at Ingrid’s party. So when I was introduced to Yvonne, I was so happy that I had met her finally. I was so surprised and disappointed how she was rude to me because I didn’t know the way she act is different from the way she behave in real life. That is my own side of the story. It was just a normal misunderstanding, I was even surprised to see that things will get this far,”

Elvis Eze ended.

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