Nollywood Actress Omotola Jalade Reveals How She Lost Her Vir-ginity

Omotola is one very beautiful woman and with her Very Gigantic Backside always staring at us, many have always had one question lingering
but we have all only resulted to using our imaginations trying to imagine who took the first pop at her precious priceless apple
…and during a random interview yesterday, some Nollywood stars were asked many questions about their past including when they lost their virg*inities, and below are some of the answers they provided:
Benita Nzeribe: I lost mine at the university
Liz Anjorin: I had my first boyfriend at 21
Eucharia Anunobi: I lost mine during my A-Level
Omotola Jalade: I was still a virgin when I got married.
But Do you think she is actually saying the truth? She stayed vir*gin till she got married? do you believe her? So Apparently If what she said is the truth then am very proud of her :'( *i just sheared a tear of joy* that means Her Husband Proudly took her innocence from her on their honeymoon, That is Exactly how it is suppose to be done, Real Virtuous African woman with very high standards, Omotola is really a role model, and all Nigerian young ladies should please try and emulate her. My Future Wife Shey You are Seeing This??? Cos na me go take your own oh!

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