Nollywood Fears Of Losing Another Star As Doctors Amputate Popular Actor’s Right Leg In Lagos After Suffering From Diabetes


The right leg of Veteran Nollywood actor, Tunde Alabi has been amputated.

The poor man, has been battling with diabetes which affected the leg and doctors advised that the leg should be cut off so that it won’t affect other parts of his body.

Yoruba Movie Gist reports that the operation was done at a hospital in Surulere area of Lagos yesterday 20th October 2016.

Meanwhile, some weeks back, he was reported to be critically ill at the Lagos General hospital, and needs financial assistance to prevent one of his legs from being amputated.

When journalists visited him at the Lagos General hospital earlier in the week, the ailing actor who was one of the regular characters in the now rested TV series, the ‘Village Headmaster’ looked worried and abandoned.

There are indications that he may be evicted from the hospital because he has no money to sustain his stay there.

The actor, who now wears a badge on his left leg said, his condition became worse after he was diagnosed diabetes.

When he was Narrating his ordeal, the ailing actor said, he was hale and hearty until the night of 19th of July, when he had a strange expulsion on his right leg which has not only kept the actor off the screen for sometime now, but also has impoverished him.

“I went to bed at about 8. 30 pm that fateful day with the intention of waking up at 1 am. When it was about 9 pm, I had a strange expulsion on my right leg. Immediately, the leg started burning and I screamed throughout the night. The following morning I couldn’t move the leg again. It was a spiritual attack. That’s what has kept me under this condition,” he narrated.

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