Open Letter From A Fan To Wizkid “Dear Wizkid, You Can Do Better “


I have been monitoring Wizkid’s moves since he finally got his wish of leaving the recording company that made him, EME, and so far saying i am disappointed is an understatement.

Many of us have forgiven the 24 year old star for releasing a mediocre album, for his standard, but two things we cannot forgive him for are 1) putting in mediocre work into promoting the album and 2) for reducing the quality on his music out of nonchalance.

Wizkid almost didn’t promote the AYO album because after-all, it was his get out of jail clause from EME. But since getting out of jail, that is, leaving EME, Wizkid’s projects have resembled that of an upcoming artiste.

ALL the videos he has released under his Starboy imprint are below standard, even for a hungry artiste who wants to make it big in the game.

The video for Show You The Money was OK, but since it is about money that was a poor video.

The video for In My Bed is ridiculous. Wizkid knows this, exactly why he said the video is not a video after he released it, he said it was a “party” and that “he was having fun”.

Wizkid you are a top artiste… no games, no fun, just quality.

After releasing In My Bed, Wizkid abandoned AYO album for months, he kick-started Starboy Mondays.

He went on to release 2 mediocre singles and 3 below par videos.

Wonder is a 4/10 song at best, while Sound It is a 3/10 song if you want to be forgiving.

The videos for the two songs are not Wizkid standard. What a drop in quality.

After this he returned to AYO again, who does this? Only Wizkid.

A man who is unsigned, makes all the decisions for himself – safe to say a man without a proper plan or company structure.

His fans expected big things from Ojuelegba, once again Wizkid failed, maybe that was a little bit harsh. Wizkid failed to deliver.

He released a 1/10 video for arguably the best song on his AYO album.

At this point it looks as if Ibrahim Balogun just wakes up from bed, shouts on the microphone and releases it.

He’s also announced an official single for next month, if i were you, i will look forward to another disappointment from the hugely talented artiste, for now.

What can Ayo Balogun do better? He needs to have a team.

He needs to strategise again, more so, he needs a thinkerman.

Banky W does this job for him back in the day.

Wizkid, you need to control the quality of your music.

You can’t continue to release mediocre songs, you can do better.

Make your fans thirst for your music.

Written by a big fan of Wizkid .

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