Pastor Who Married 6 Wives Divorces The 4th Because Her Private Part Stinks


A 65-year-old pastor, Olowolade David Laizer, is looking for divorce from his fourth wife, Esther Anuoluwapo Laizer, after 31 years of marriage. Laizer, who has six wives, told a customary court sitting in Ikorodu on Wednesday that the 55-year-old lady does not have respect for the house of God.  The pastor asserted that his wife rains curses on his congregation at the smallest incitement and had denied him marital rights for over a year.

Laizer who’s church is located at 8/4 Laizer Estate, Graceland, Bayeku, Ikorodu said the couple’s issues began when they lost their first child in 2013. The deceased child was a college student outside the state, but however the child kicked the bucket after a brief sickness on his way to Lagos, he told the court.

In her defence, Mrs Laizer who is a teacher owned up to having denied him of his conjugal rights for a year because he said her private part was smelling – after 31 years of marriage and five children. The respondent also added that their problem started when her first son died in 2013 while insinuating that one of his other wives killed him and also attempted to poison her. She went on to accuse the cleric of mocking and preaching about her during sermons in his church. The court’s president, Olu Adebiyi, encouraged both parties to make peace and adjourned the case till September 14 for possible reconciliation.

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