People With Your Sense Of Humor Should Be Wiped Off This Planet – Wizkid Fan Replies Etcetera


Mr Etc or should I say Unsuccessful musician turned writer’? Anyways  I read your six weeks well composed piece about Wiz kid’s In My Bed song which inspired me to waste my Daddy-ly Paid Bis to cast around Google about you, it was so fascinating learning you were once a musician (soul/soft rock artiste, something like the world known Asa) even though we never heard bout you or your song(s)  (You got to thank Google for keeping your records) i also learnt you’ve wrote lost of piece About artistes and public figures which led me to believe that people with your sense of humor shouldn’t be among us, Keeping your opinion about a celebrity’s life style or doings to yourself  won’t do you harm, sharing it among people like you ‘is allowed’ *in M.i’s voice* though your write up about the Rave of the moment  ‘in my bed’ song ain’t bad but WHO CARES about your opinion? Huh… Your fans? You’ve got any? Or Your 3,923 twitter followers…  OH I dig, you believe wizkid is arrogant so you’re expecting a reply from a niggah just  to top blogs headline for another day?! (Sorry i had to use my psychic thing on you).

LOL! Comparing Wizkid’s in my bed song to any of Artquake’s is just out of  line, it’s like comparing Dotun cool fm to you…  Oh yeah, also heard you left the Unreached industry to be an OAP and i hope say you dey get money *in Olamide’s voice* we both know you never made dine in the industry 4years ago

Make sure to send some of your cool pictures to bloggers, they have only one picture of  you wearing a coat, and don’t forget this also ‘Having a sense of humor is one of the greatest assets a person can have’.


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