Photo Of The Day: Is There Anything Wrong With This Man Sleeping With His Sister Like This?


A young man has caused a stir among Nigerians after he took a very questionable bedroom photo with his sister and asked his friends if there’s anything wrong with it.

A Nigerian Instagram user took to his Instagram page to post the photo above asking his friends if there’s anything wrong in sleeping with his sister in the above position.

The Instagram handle has since been deleted after it was trailed with mixed reactions and comments.

 Photo Of The Day: Is There Anything Wrong With This Man Sleeping With His Sister Like This? 1

What are your thoughts though? Is it cool?

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  1. everyfn is wrong abt dat pics FALZ….cnt let ma broda hold me dat way even if am at d point of death..

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  3. as 4 me there is noting wrong with it. both it can lead to cohabitation if you think deeply with a dirty mind

  4. Very bad bcos d prophet(S.A.W) said dat when a brother nd a sister are more than 7yrs they should not sleep together bcos shaytan can come to their midst nd can lead to something else.

  5. in oyibo land its nothing but because of our evil mind every girl is shouting bad bad. but u slept wit maried men like dat

  6. When it happened now, they start saying is President Buhari that caused it, or the Devil. Everything is wrong, both your question oh, the picture, and people’s comments on here. I for say the lady smile cool but everything is wrong.

  7. Nah blood dey dem two body ooooooooooooh, let’s not deceive ourselves abeg oooooooh, becs the outcome dis at d end will be very bad to hear……!!!

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  9. Dan Ubaezuonu 911 for naija hahaha you really funny which Nigeria police will mind you except in Europe

  10. Dan Ubaezuonu I pray oh .Europe if your neighbour dog too back dem go call police you go try am for naija

  11. It depends on how the siblings were brought up(family setup) the mind is suppose to be at ease knowing it’s your sister. But this days we have more men without self control than never. So, I actually won’t advice such if u don’t trust yourself.

  12. Abayomi Babawale Gbade-Bello U0001f601 am saying that there is nothing wrong in this,, the way you grow up is what’s going to b wrong and if it doesn’t pls the masses then it their business

  13. Everything is wrong, your sister is not your wife. You are not supposed to sleep with your sister like that.

  14. Lot of news update about siblings in love with demsefz dear,father on daughter love drama is not left behind…

  15. Their is nothing bad 4 brother and sister to sleep in d same bed*but the way the two are in dis picture is bad

  16. 4 me nothing is wrong..cos I do sleep like dat with my cousin bro
    he is more dan a bf to me
    so plss friends don’t think to d other side
    nothing is wrong in that

  17. surely u dnt av a bro or u dnt grow up wif ur broda.. d picx above ix wrong nd bad.. bt 4 u 2 sy at d point of death.. nah nah nah.. u lack bounding

  18. Deu 27:22 Cursed be he that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother. And all the people shall say, Amen.

  19. Whats so funny abt it??, he is telling u what his #religion teaches him, there s ntin funny in what he said,

  20. well..this cannot be bro nd sis. b’cus dey re holding each oda with xo much passion nd pleasure.

  21. d lieth d bible is trying to say is to av sex oooo.its nt wrng bt it shud b avoided coz devil is a strong man lyk d bible says

  22. @patience… and who is this devil that we have been talking about?? cause to me i believe that we ourselves are the devil when we allow an evil thought to sew a seed in our heart by thinking evil towards our fellow being…

  23. you cannot allow ur own biological brother to hold you like that even if you are at the point of death… but you can allow a married man to hang ur two legs on top of sealing all the name of given him a dog style……my dear sister i think you really need a deliverance for saying this….or better still you go for a check up….. lolzz..

  24. there is nothing wrong with this from my own perspectives…. cause i can only speak for my humble self….. that my sister can change her dress in front of me without me having any dirty thought on my mind…. so i can as well sleep with my sister on the same bed….. but not to the extent of her holding me like this cause it is very dangerous….. cause for the fact that we are matured enough to have that sexual desire God forbid bad thing….. something stupid might happened which may lead to the destruction of lives as we forbid any form of incest in my culture…..

  25. If it be for a reason that they both found theirselfs in a place they can’t sleep seperately becuz of fear okay, but mhh! it’s not advisable pls.

  26. @Lucky, You must be a shallow thinker let me tell us something our parents didn’t brought us up in worldly way. I know nobody z above temptation but is wen you allow d devil to have his way dat all dat can happen. Your mind z too dirty. Cheers

  27. Ayi Ajayi Horloowarhtormieseen Joseph leave lucky alone maybe he thinks everybody has dirty mind like his mind.

  28. As kids we do sleep like dat, all though depends on d home u were raised.
    Dis is where parental orientation speaks.

  29. Yes. But do you know that they will one day be tempted to have sex with each other and they will never be able to resist it. So it is best to sleep seperatly to avoid temptation.

  30. Which temptation strong U0001f4aa pass this kind,,,, I say no I can’t shout…. Sleeping on same bed is not bad idea buh this style is annoying mehn, any ways if yu can try it in front of it patents and dey will let u kudos.


  32. It does not matter as long there minds is clear….but the problem is I don’t trust devil U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602so this should be avoided bcos devil is powerful but can’t give salvation.

  33. Its absolutely wrong.their body make up is not stainless or wood or is flesh;dont tempt the devil to tempt you.God bless u all

  34. How can that man sleep with the sister like that? Dose he fear God ? Is he calling for death? For touching the sister he is caused. He should go to God in repentance so that he will live.

  35. @justin nd samuel, u ppl ave dirty mind nd wch means u cn also do dat 2 ur daughters. Who kws if d lady was sad or bothered abt sumtin nd d broda tried 2 calm ha till dey both slept off, Naijas wit deir dark minds

  36. That awkward moment when you’re reading this comment to find an awkward moment but there isn’t any, and still you’re reading this comment and you’re starting to realise it says nothing important and you just wasted a couple of seconds of your life but you’re still reading and you don’t even know why. That’s awkward… You should give me a like for wasting your time.

  37. Remember she is not a little kid okay, if she is i would support you. Like my kid sister do d same thing, but she is just a kid if not I’ll not allow her.

  38. Them well????????? If na one room them get,one no fit spread sumfin 4 floor slip????…………God I beg o!!!!

  39. Well av read a lot of Comment and I agree with those DAT say there is nonthing bad in it. but,Is dangerous.not even a grown-up daughter undress in the presence of father or brothers. Be Discipline.

  40. Can you personally do that?if yes then nothing wrong.i last slept wt my bro wen he was Three yrs but my son mpaka akiwa eleven yrs

  41. As a man if ur body can stand for ur sister or it can also stand for ur mother, if this happens it is not real is either d person is possess, blood is blood dou matter how u and sis stay u cant even b thinking of that except other wise, Nigerians our mind is too corrupt an negative, those guys saying dis an dat dnt even come an inch to ur sis or ur child b4 u got her pregnant.

  42. In the land of myth and in the time of temptation, the only thing bad in this is…have you seen Merlin?

  43. Are they just lying down to snap. If yes there is nothing wrong. If they are lying down over night then it is wrong.

  44. Sis, thts very wrong. I do sleep with my sister on same bed, buh not in tht posture or position. Hw r u sure he can stl bear it, u are tempting him if u dunno. And u dnt expect him to tell u wen he is no longer comfortable wit it, u’ve gotta stop to avoid stories tht touch

  45. Dere z actually nth bad 4 broada and sista to slip on d Xame bed bt d way dey cling to each oda z too much 4 me oo…bt if dey can actually slip in dat Xame position in d presence of dere parents….den more wings to dere elbows


  47. Nothing is wrong but if they both starts sleeping like dis from January on or b4 October they will both av dia degree.

  48. there is a sexual relationship btw them how can a brother and sister be sleeping together on the bed only

  49. Its not bad but people will say its bad dont you know in the past when god created adam and eve the decendants of adam and eve had to be marrying them selves to fill the earth

  50. Bros diz one don pass sista n broda…diz is kald ‘sista n broda in Christ’ wen she born no 4gt 2 kal me 4 naming ceremony. Lolz…won ti ya were honestly

  51. Only corrupt mind person will condemn that I see nothing wrong there just that this days the world has spoil

  52. Dis is not sisters and brother they are lovers cos if u check d lady very we and closely d lady is not wearing anything she just use d wrapper cover her body.


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