Please Advice! I Had The Best S*x of My Life With My Step-daughter And Now She Wants To Have My Kids

A shameless step-father has made a shocking revelation about his sexual escapades with his partner’s daughter who
now wants to have his children.
Dear readers,
My girlfriend’s daughter and I sat on the sofa one day hugging one another for comfort after an ear-bashing from her mum. It led to us kissing then the most amazing s*x ever.
It felt wrong but so right. We have since gone on to have s*x again and again.
I am 42, so is my partner, and her daughter is 24.
The first time I set eyes on her eight years ago, I fancied her but I thought she was too young for me and I was happy then with her mum.
I moved in with them and her mum and we went on to have a son, who is now six.
My partner can be moody though and at one point cheated on me with a friend’s husband. It was a bumpy ride but she ended it and we seemed OK again.
We started making the effort to go out more so one day her daughter came round to babysit her little brother. Her mum called to say she had to work late so we opened a bottle of wine. She was telling me all about her latest row with her mum.
As we sat hugging that night I let slip that I fancied her. She confessed she felt the same but felt guilty about it and didn’t want to betray her mum.
She still moved in for a kiss and we couldn’t keep our hands off one another. We ended up in bed and the s*x was so good, it became a regular thing whenever her mum wasn’t around.
I realised I couldn’t stay with her mum any longer so, after a mega row, I moved out and got a flat. Her daughter comes to visit me and we have s*x every time. Her mum has no idea.
She now wants us to get married and have kids. I want this too but I worry whether it’s legal.
I never married her mum but what would we tell any children we have together?

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  1. You can still have the best kid in life since you open your mouth to say it was the best sex. Do keep the kid and explain to the child when he or she ask.

  2. U are indeed wicked and d girl herself is stupid although it is happening every where so I can’t just blame them.


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