President Obama’s Daughter, Malia Obama Shows Off Rare Twerking & Grinding Skills At Lollapalooza – Watch!


Malia Obama Shows Off Rare Twerking – President Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama who recently turned 18 was spotted over the weekend getting wild with friends.

The 18-year-old was spotted with friends at Lollapalooza enjoying some great music with her friends while she showed off her never seen before twerking skills.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts:


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  1. let her bee…let her feel like a normal person she wasnt appointed to speak at the DNC so haters bk off

  2. Shake shaker shake lika expert, OMG’s but not a strange scene dats nature taking its course

  3. Obama is jst a disgrace to human race nt jst human race bt to African in particularly e haven’t seen anything yet.dis s dsame person tryin to legalised gay in Africa were e came 4rm. If e think e can legalised gay in Nigeria let him get married to buhari 1st

  4. Well she is a kid and for God sake it’s a free world. If it were Nigeria I would have said na ashawo.

  5. Calm down Mr president. She was only doing what any other girl ll do, they just pick this up cuz she’s your daughter.


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