Prostitute Burns Client Alive After He Refused to Pay For ‘Services’ Rendered


A 28-year-old housemaid, who is believed to have started a fire in the flat of a man that resulted in his death, was charged with murder and arson in court on Monday.
The woman is believed to have accompanied the deceased to his flat for paid sex.
The victim, who was in an intoxicated state, died after inhaling smoke.

Z.A., a Bangladeshi, allegedly set a couch in the flat on fire and then closed the door and disposed of the key, taking advantage of the fact that the victim was unconscious.
Z.A. is also accused in the Court of First Instance of prostitution as she is believed to have had sex with the victim’s friend (referred to the Court of Misdemeanours) for Dh1,000.

She also allegedly stole the deceased’s mobile phones and jewellery (two rings and a gold necklace). She is also charged with consuming alcohol without a licence.
An Indian maid, 45, is also on trial on the charge of sexually exploiting Z.A. and another Bangladeshi woman, 25. The latter is facing the charge of working in prostitution.

A police lieutenant said the fire was reported in a flat in Muhaisna 4 in Al Qusais around 11pm on March 3. “The body of the victim, which was in the corridor leading to the bedroom, did not bear any marks of assault,” said the lieutenant.
The police also noticed that the door of the flat was locked, which raised their suspicion that it was arson.
Footages from the building’s CCTV cameras showed the deceased returning to his place around 4pm. “There were two men with him. About one hour later, two women were also spotted entering his flat. Around 7pm, the two men left with one of the women while the other woman stayed with the victim.”

At 10.20pm, the other woman — the defendant — left the victim’s place. “She was caught on camera shutting the door quickly. Few minutes later, smoke began to come out from the flat.”
During interrogation, the two men, who were with the victim earlier, reportedly admitted to visiting him and calling prostitutes.
Z.A. reportedly admitted in the investigation that she had sex with one of the men and stayed with the victim on his request to have sex with him.

She claimed the victim was not sober and that he was upset due to the number of calls she was receiving on her mobile phone. They also reportedly had an argument over sex.
The defendant stole the deceased’s belongings and set his clothes on fire before throwing it on the sofa.
The victim’s belongings were recovered from Z.A.’s place. Khaleejtimes reports.

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