Reasons Why You Must Not Go To Hell Fire (A Must Read)


I am afraid and this is very sad because majority who claimed to be born again are on their way to hell fire. I dont know many people here have ever receive fire burn on their skins but fire produces one of the greatest possible physical pain know to mankind. If you are ever been burnt with fire and the skin is scalded, you will understand the physical pain of fire.

The following below are the reasons you must not go to hell fire;

God does not send people to hell fire but people choose to go there and there are tortures in hell if a man or woman gets there.

If you seriously and constantly desiring heaven, you will not miss it, once you are constantly desiring it and regularly you are pursing it

Sometimes people are invited to prayer meetings and they said we dont like the prayer(s) and we are not going to pray but one of the greatest prayer meetings of the whole world of all time is going to be in hell fire. A person may decided not to pray here on earth but (s)he will pray in hell fire. (i.e they will be praying that God have mercy and help from me this punishment and by then its already late for God to answer that kind of prayer)

In hell there is unquenchable fire. (God has done it before by the burning bush of Moses, the fire was burning and the burn was not consume. That is the fire will be on the skin of the person, the torture of the skin will continue and the fire will not quenched.

In hell there will be darkness.

In hell there will be smell of burning flesh.

In hell there will be what the bible called gnashing of teeth. Matthew 22 vs 13 (If you go to hell fire without your teeth, the teeth will be provided for you there).

In hell there will be pain that no drug(s) can help.

In hell there will be weeping.

In hell there will be yelling.

In hell there will be screaming.

In hell there will be feeling of lostness.

In hell there will be no water.

In hell there will be frustration.

In hell there will be anger.

In hell there will be no peace.

In hell there will be no joy.

In hell there will be painful memory. ( Memory of this kind of message you are hearing now and post you are reading now, that somebody said and posted this thing and somebody told us that the place is not easy, somebody said it is not the right place to go).

In hell there will be painful seperation.

There will be no rest in the place.

In hell there will be no mercy.

In hell there will be no comfort. (It is an habitation of unpleasantness).

In hell there will be no hope.

In hell there will be no way of escape.

In hell there will be unsatisfy desire there. (somebody wants to drink but no drink, (s)he has a desire but (s)he can not fulfil his/her desire.

In hell there will be cries of regret.

In hell there will be no excuses.

In hell no one will claim that God has been unfair to them

In hell no one will say that God has given him a RAW deal.

In hell you will just know that you are guilty

Try and imagine that every second of eternity the body of the person will be in hot pain and that pain will be as regular as shower of heavy boiling water falling on the skin of somebody and then as the person is trying to move the agony of the stretching skin that is already burnt is another pain then daggers and flashes of pain will be running through the body

The person wants to relax, he want to rest, he can not relax and he can not rest. The hair that has been burning all over town is now on fire itself. (Italain attachment and Russian attachement now is catching fire)

The feet and hands are forming blisters, and the throat is very raw from whalling and screaming and praying useless prayers and the burning brimestone like hot laval is pouring into the mouth of as the person is opening his/her mouth

The body is on fire inside and outside and then the warm of fire which scientist have now found beneath the surface of the earth will totally engulf the body

In hell cry for water will come but there will be no response.

The horrible smell of roasting flesh and roasting sulphur will suffocate the person and the person will feel sick

The screams and endless scream in the place will almost run the person mad.. i.e for the whole of eternity silence is gone, there is no silence again its noise, eternal noise and cry

No silence again and because of frustration there strange hands will be grabbing each other and fighting each other.

Especially those who are singing down down satan now and now who ends up there, they will say ehen! ehen! so you are here then they will attack the person with their anger and frustration.

Hell is not a place to go and not a place to plan to go.

Majority of church goer are already there.

Hell is a place of no return.

There is really no way to describe hell fire because nothing on earth can be compare to it.

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