SCAM! Davido Didn’t Spend N130million In December, He Lied (See How He Was Exposed)


This our Artistes and Fake life ehn

Davido and hush puppi digged it hard today on Snapchat figting over who is superior.

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Davido claimed he spent 130million naira in december alone and he shared the receipt online.

Few hours after, We noticed something on the Receipt and this shows Davido claim is 100% False.

See the photo below:-

Looking at the photo above, Thats a Bill showing expenses of December but a Date of March

How come? – May God help them.

Someone said “Davido been lying since AD 1”

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  1. Don’t know why some Nigerians can’t stop hating people even if he spent N100,00.00 and lied it’s non of u people business cos we still confirm he bought N80m 2017 with 10m chain and 20m diamond chain so stop talking shit and hustle for your own money too.

    • I don’t know why they can’t just leave this man on his lane cos he don’t mention anybody’s when he was spending the 11m so if you have over N100m to spend per night you can spend and reveal it urself

  2. People talk alot(PTA) Hush Plural or what’s yah name you know say nobody hold you nah you no get mouth like OBO If you get money pass davido show urself abi

  3. I see who post this has no manner cos it states clearly the account statement was printed on 10 Mar 2017 not march and that’s not the bill not showing expenses of march

  4. I like davido music but he should have look what his posting, he said statements for December but that show March, for this we should also ask if the account statement below to him bcs he does not show his name.

  5. He said his account balance in December, he didn’t say he spent 130 million in December. Na wa, if you must criticize then you have to read carefully

  6. So what’s ur business with the month….. All we know is that he spent the 130million… U that said he’s lying show us the receipt of 150naira u spent….. Abeg leave trash for lawma……

  7. Yea that is true, davido spent 80m on car alone on dec 28, I dnt no y u guys hate dis guy, as for me davido is far better dan wizkid


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