See How Trey Songz Reacted After Eating Nigerian ‘Jollof Rice’ For The First Time (With Pictures)


How Trey Songz reacted after eating Nigerian ‘Jollof Rice’ – American superstar Trey Songs was recently pictured with Yemi Alade – Trey had a plate of jollof rice before him – One can see the excitement on his face as he tastes the food. A recent photo shared by Yemi Alade shows herself, American musician Trey Songs, and an unidentified man eating in Nairobi, Kenya.


This is normal right? But for the look on Trey’s face when it dawned on him that he will be trying Jollof rice for what may have been his first time. I mean, the international superstar was obviously so excited that he smiled from ear to ear.


Trey is in Nairobi to perform at a special edition of Coke Studio Africa. It is unclear whether he will be taking to the stage with our very own Yemi Alade.

Jollof Rice is enjoying a rejuvenation amongst food lovers all over the world. According to Wikipedia, its origins are traced to the Senegambian (Modern day Senegal and Gambia) region that was ruled by the Jollof Empire.

The Nigerian equivalent popularly called ‘party rice’ is often regarded as the most tasteful version.


Have you heard all you Ghanaians? Nigerian Jollof rules!

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