See The $400,000 (₦80Million) Lamborghini Zimbabwean Pastor Gave His Wife For Valentine


Prominent Zimbabwe preacher and Spirit Embassy founder (now Good News Church), Uebert Angel, has reportedly splashed out on a $US400 000 Lamborghini sports car for his wife Beverly as a Valentines present.See The $400,000 (₦80Million) Lamborghini Zimbabwean Pastor Gave His Wife For Valentine 3

In an exclusive interview with Nehanda TV several years ago, Uebert Angel defended his flamboyant lifestyle saying he did not take money from offerings in church and instead ran several businesses including real estate.

But his critics accuse him of exploiting the prosperity gospel that preaches that the more you give in offerings to the church the more you will reap in blessings from God.

Angel has not been to Zimbabwe in a while since he was dragged to court by a Harare man who accused him of duping him out his Bentley luxury vehicle. The case was eventually thrown out and this week a church spokesman Rikki Doolan said Angel could go to Zimbabwe anytime he wanted.

“Uebert Angel, can go to Zimbabwe any time God says he should go. God is the determining power in all this, remember Uebert Angel is a servant of God and as such he goes where God wants him to be. He is also a business person who is a global citizen and is not restricted to any one geographic area, he is not barred from any country and he is neither a fugitive of the law in any place,” Doolan is quoted saying.

An arrest warrant that had been issued against Angel on the 24th of December 2014 is reported to have recently been cancelled by Harare provincial magistrate Mr. Vakayi Chikwekwe with consent from the prosecutor- general’s office.


See The $400,000 (₦80Million) Lamborghini Zimbabwean Pastor Gave His Wife For Valentine 1

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