See The Main Reasons Why Women Hate Each Other (MUST READ)


Unlike men, women will often dislike another woman for no logical reason at all.

The female folks are quick to judge one another and they are less likely to become friends with someone who could be perceived as a sexual rival.

The funny thing is that despite all the drama men create in women’s lives and or the amount of hurt or abuse they cause, the women keep loving them.

They’d rather hate a fellow woman, who has done nothing to them. But why is it
so, why do women hate each other so much?

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1) Jealousy
Most women, whether they admit it or not, like to have attention focused on them. If there’s something taking it
away from them, especially another woman, then she gets a little intimidated and typically starts to hate.

Some women would hate you, if they think you’re prettier than them. Your mere presence makes them feel like ugly. If your dress looks prettier, they would hate. If they are single, they will see you as the competition.

If they are married, they will see you as the seductive temptress trying to steal their man away.

Reasons Why Women Hate Each Other:

2) Inferiority complex
Some ladies start to feel inferior when others are showered compliments and they are not.

They start to hate the lady who received the compliment as if it was her fault.

If another lady commands respect and they don’t they begin to hate.

3) Pride
Some women have a little too much pride within themselves and therefore cannot like anyone who they perceive is better than them.

It’s okay to have a lot of self-esteem but a lot of women confuse it with pride.

4) Insecurity
Some women are very insecure. They judge other women according to their insecurities and what makes them feel
better about themselves.

Some say, it’s in a woman’s nature to be jealous of another women but a woman who knows her true self-worth can never be jealous of another. Not every woman has the habit of hating other women.

For those who are in the habit of hating others, stop seeing other women as competition. You should not feel threatened by their confidence.

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