Photos: Muslims Angrily Blast Selena Gomez For Displaying Her Ankles During Visit To Abu Dhabi Mosque


Selena Gomez is under fire for exposing too much skin while visiting the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi this week. The singer-actress posed for pictures at the religious venue, where she stopped while on a swing through the United Arab Emirates with a group including pals like Kendall Jenner, Shay Mitchell, Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid.

In one of the images, posted to Instagram, Gomez flashes her ankle and lower leg. In another picture, Gomez and her friends are seen laughing and smiling and gesturing. Both photos are now drawing criticism from mosque officials, who believe the “disrespectful” shots violate the venue’s rules on decorum.

Mosque visitors are not supposed to demonstrate “intimate behavior,” including not just displays of interpersonal affection, but also exposing skin and openly laughing. Back in 2013, Rihanna was asked to leave the Grand Mosque after posing for fashion-shoot style pictures on the grounds. While Gomez was not immediately ordered from the premises, her behavior is being slammed by commenters, who call her pics disrespectful and in poor taste.

See the two pictures at the center of the controversy below. What do you think? Should Gomez and her friends be criticized for the poses?

Selena Gomez Slammed For Exposing Ankles At Abu Dhabi Mosque (PHOTOS) 2 Selena Gomez Slammed For Exposing Ankles At Abu Dhabi Mosque (PHOTOS) 3

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