Seyi Shay Makes A Shocking Revelation


If you’re a fan of Seyi Shay, this news may shock you as well.

Seyi Shay hosted a QnA with fans today on her Twitter, and during the QnA, answered a question which has been bugging fans for a while now.

One of Seyi’s Irawos (what she calls her fans) asked her if she has any songs with any other female artistes, and if not, why?

This question stems from the fact that Seyi has recorded many duets, but has released none with another female artiste except “Bad Girl Special (Remix)” with Cynthia Morgan. The said song is not hers but Mr. 2 Kay’s and so, fans have been very curious.

In response to the question, Seyi made a shocking declaration, she tweeted:

Seyi Shay Makes A Shocking Revelation 1

The tweet read: “Have a song with Efya, Vanessa Mdee, Niyola, and From Above”.
Also during the QnA, Seyi Shay revealed that she also has a song with Olamide in the pipes.

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