SHOCKING!! One in five children believe Jesus Christ plays for Chelsea


Chelsea have been cruising in the EPL with fantastic results, with some super ordiante powers some kids would believe.

Jose Mourinho may also have made the best signings of 2014 that everywhere the team goes, they come back with  fair result if that would be worst.

Truly so, Roman Abrahamovic has the money to buy any player in the world but one; the one whom the kid fans of Chelsea think plays for them already and has a hand in their spectacular performances.

The Guardian made a surprising report of kids in the UK who were asked about Jesus Christ in a survey.

Given options of a) A footballer for Chelsea b) Son of God c) TV presenter d) X Factor contestant or e) An astronaut; they were asked who Jesus Christ is and surprisingly, 20% of 1000 children who took part in the survey went with option A.

No surprise to the answers from the kids as they may have mistaken the Son of God with Jesus Navas of Manchester City.

They also could not tell the true nativity of Jesus Christ, choosing instead that the Shepherds found the saviour usingGoogle Maps and that Christmas day is actually a day to celebrate Santa Claus.

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