SHOCKING!!! Utah woman faces life in prison after admitting killing six of her babies


A woman in Utah has pleaded guilty to killing six of her newborns and storing their bodies in the garage, bringing her case closer to resolution.
Megan Huntsman, 09, faces up to life time in prison when she is sentenced April 20. her voice broke as She said guilty six times to answer for each count.
The infants remains were found by huntsman’s estranged husband, Darren West in April 2014 as he gathered belongings from the home they had shared in Pleasant Grove. He called the police after finding the first tiny body in a cardboard box. Authorities found the rest, seven in all, one of which they said was stillborn.
Huntsman told police police she immediately strangled and suffocated the newborns, wrapped them in a cloth, put them in plastic bags, then packed them in boxes over a ten year period from 1996-2006
she told investigators she was addicted to methamphetamine at the time and did not want to care for the babies
Mr West made the discovery shortly after he was released from federal prison where he was sent eight years ago after pleading guilty to drug charges. He was the father of each child and lived with Huntsman in the decade when they were killed, but the police have said they are not investigating him in connection with the deaths.

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