SHOCKING: Woman Urinated In Her In-Laws’ Cups Of Tea For A Year !!!


This is probably the most disgusting news i have read in recent times….. serious
So, 30 year old Rekha Nagvanshi was angry at her in-laws for allegedly meddling in the affairs of her family, and as a form of punishment/retaliation, she did the unthinkable – pee in their cups of tea for a whole year…. My Good God in heaven !!!!
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As reported by Zee News, Rekha was not happy in her arranged marriage and said her husband (Deepak) treated her like a slave and eventually she decided she’d had enough

However, her husband begged her to come back and she agreed, but with conditions.

Guys, the conditions were
Rekha told Deepak that he has to cook food, wash clothes and also massage her feet if he wants her back. The husband reportedly agreed for the sake of their four-year-old daughter.

After she moved in, Rekha’s mother-in-law Suraj, 60, and father-in-law Ajith, 55, tried to stop their son from abiding by the conditions Rekha had put forth.

And that’s when Rekha allegedly decided to avenge their attempts to control her relationship with her husband.

Her husband’s family is demanding justice, but the police is refusing to file a case…..

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