Singer Simi Opens Up On About Relationship With Falz, Speaks About Fame & Music


Musical act, Simi has been making waves in the music industry with her singles and collaborations. In this interview with Punch, she talks about life as a singer, her relationship with Falz and many more.

Have always wanted to do music?

I didn’t grow up around a lot of music because my parents aren’t music inclined. I wrote my first song when I was 10 years old. I have a very short attention span and it is one of the reasons why I experiment a lot with my music.

My parents separated when I was nine years old, so I did not spend so much time with my dad; he died in 2014. My parents were quite supportive of my career at first.

After I bagged a degree in Mass Communication, from Covenant University, my mother wanted me to get some job experience by working with an oil firm. I have always been of the opinion that its impossible to do music part-time, so I asked her to pray for the success of my music career.

Apart from music, what other things are you talented at?

I am also a sound engineer, so I mix and master music. This a major boost to my career because it means that there are a lot of things I can do on my own. It has also proven to a lot of critics that I am not just another artiste.

You began your career as a gospel act. Why did you go mainstream?

The first thing that comes to the mind is that I did it for monetary reasons. However music became about ‘more’; I wanted to have a broader purview. It was a tough decision for me to make at first. I wanted to explore music more. My faith in God hasn’t waivered because before I went mainstream, I prayed to God to bless my career if it was his plan for me. I also don’t see myself doing gospel music again.

Why did you decide to record an entire album with Falz?

We are very good friends and having worked on several projects together, we toyed with the idea of recording a joint album.

What has fame cost you?

I don’t go out much but I love to go to regular places. I can’t do so any longer and I miss having a regular life because I am a regular girl.

Are you currently dating anyone?

I am in a relationship with someone else who is not Falzthebahdguy; we are just friends. My man is mature and understands the fact that I may be erroneously romantically linked with an artiste simply because we work on music projects together.

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  1. I suspected them when they sang jamb question remix, solider And their performance on hiptv awards night.
    I like both of them together. Cute
    The jamb question come be say, will it last?

  2. see am not suprise to hear dis cause i know dat dere own love in different from other singers and so many other, jam quastion– soldier__ de both of dem did well in does songs, what am tring to say here is de both of dem deserve each other seriously de do, falz my best singer pleas marry her, or i will come and marry her my self

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  4. Much love guys… am telling ya d fact.. diz guy, asa, simi and some little others are d best musician we have.. not those making noise

  5. Bless couple your children is around the table you will see your children..children to serve the Lord of good amen

  6. lolz,, some ppu didn’t seem to open that link to read what she said o…. she said she’s in a relationship with someone, n not falz… una sha wan join ds ppu Tipatipa, lolz… anyways mii likey dia combo too

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  8. Go and open the link and read the content before you comment ok she said she’s in a relationship with someone else but not with Falz the bahd guy. always read before you comment Don’t comment bcos pple are commenting

  9. y dnt u guys open d link bfore commenting… …she said she is in a relationship bt nt wit #Falz… . she said her man is mature……n dat she n Falz re nothing bt v gud frnds .. shekina…/


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