Test Your IQ With This Brain Teaser – 99.9% Will Surely Fail It


“You are travelling down a country lane to a distant village. You reach a fork in the road and find a pair of identical twin sisters standing there.

One sister is standing on the road to village and the other standing on the road to never-land (of course, you don’t know or see where each road leads).

One of the sisters always tells the truth and the other always lies (of course, you don’t know who is lying).

Both sisters know where the roads go.

If you are allowed to ask only one question to each of the sisters to find the correct road to the village,

What will be your question?

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  1. I ask one what my gender is. If he tells the truth, then I know the second will tell a lie. meanwhile if the first tells a lie, I know the second would tell the truth because ONE ALWAYS TELLS THE TRUTH WHILE THE OTHER ALWAYS TELLS A LIE.

  2. Ask one twin what the other would say if you asked her which road to take to the village and go on the opposite path.


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