The Major Reason Why Married Women Cheat: Must Read


It has become a deafening lamentation of sorts from the menfolk, on the rising infidelity amongst ‘married women’. Some men even claimed that the women have toppled their male counterparts in the game of ‘cheating’.
I have been studying the issue for some time and what I detect as the root cause of rising infidelity amongst the married women in this society is ‘suppressed emotions’. Our men have carried their ‘it is a man’s world’ mentality too far. It has become an implied ‘you had be playing with fire’ (in this environment) not tolerate a man’s ‘marital excesses’ as a woman.
Women have been made to endure all sorts in the name of ‘staying married’ or risk being judged by the society and our men seem to be cashing in on this-as evidenced by the gross infidelity, economic irresponsibility, emotional and physical abuse(on the part of the men), which pervade most marriages. It’s almost like the women are tired of running from pillar to post for ‘solutions’ ,especially when all a woman seems to get wherever she looks for ‘solace’ is ‘You have no choice, try and manage’
The reality in marriages of these days is not what a lot of women bargained for and some of them (who are determined not to end up at psychiatric homes-due to emotional breakdown) have simply resorted to coping with the situation whichever way they deem fit.
It has simply occurred to a lot of women that ‘every woman can be admired’ (and it matters not her age, marital status, shape or size)… there will always be a man somewhere, whose interest that a woman can ‘tick’. This is not in any way justifying ‘infidelity’ (in any form) as I believe (absolutely) that a woman that is under the roof of a man has no business being entangled with another man. If the setting you call a marriage leaves you more miserable than happy, there is no need to continue living a lie-if you must remain in such a setting-only to be ‘peeping out’. I believe in being true to myself
Every man should realize that a woman he makes to feel cherished is the best thing that can happen to him. Such a woman will always go the extra mile in her walk with you. But a woman that you have scorned (via your attitude) will also prove to you that the devil does not live far.
I believe that the rising infidelity amongst the married female folk is a backlash of their failed expectations from the men…the hardest woman to seduce is one who is emotionally fulfilled!

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