Things You Dont Know About Comedian Kid Emmanuella Samuel – Her Real Age, Net Worth, How She Started Comedy And Much More (With Pictures)

Emmanuella net worth

Emmanuella net worth: Emmanuella Samuel is one of the most popular comedians in Nigeria, and she is only seven years old. Her talent was discovered by Mark Angel. Despite her young age, she is one of the most prominent actors in Nollywood. Let’s take a look at the Emmanuella biography to find out what is hidden in the life of this young comedienne-prodigy.

Emmanuella Samuel comedy career

This young treasure was born on 22nd of July 2010. Her place of birth is Port Harcourt although her native home is in Imo state. Emmanuella Samuel comedian has a star cousin – Mark Angel. With his help, she came into the limelight. Her popularity started right after the comedy skit “This is Not My Real Face Oh”.

According to Emmanuella Samuel biography, her acting career started when she was in primary school. At the time, her intelligent and persistence helped her to learn her lines with no problems. From 2015, she started to win various awards for her performance, including:

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