This Is Definitely The Saddest Way To Find Out Your Daughter Was Raped


Phew you got to know your daughter was raped through the newspapers, what a sad way for a mum to find out about something like this.

Read excerpts from the interview Foluke Daramola’s mum granted Nigeriafilms.

How did you feel when your daughter was raped?

In actual fact, she did not tell me. I just saw it in the newspapers, but she never told me. Maybe she was wondering how I was going to feel because she lost her dad at a very tender age of three. It was not easy at all because we were living in an uncompleted building that the father built before he died. We had terrible experience with tenants even there was a time she was beaten.

Maybe she did not want to break your heart?

Yes, you know she said that she had to visit the psychologist. You know many of them like that will not be able to tell anyone, maybe not to frustrate me.

But if she had told you, what would you have done then?

As at that time, I might feel disturbed but by God’s grace, you know she is a wonderful child, I would have felt very bad. As at that particular time, I have not got my anointing, I was ordained as a Pastor in 1991, but I would have felt disturbed, maybe God would have given me a message.

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