Tinubu’s Daughter Buys G-Wagon For Boyfriend Just To Say “Sorry”


A Nigerian woman, suspected to be the daughter of the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, gave a G-Wagon worth about N40 million to her man to say she’s sorry.

We’re not exactly sure what she was apologizing for but this man received a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon from his partner.

According to a social media user who narrated the incident on instagram, she was out trying to get some food with her friend when the spectacle happened.

Instagram user “aaaawwwhh” shared the pictures and video with the caption: “Part 1: later they would say Nigeria women are not romantic. We surprised this man with a G.wagon today, and we can’t even keep calm. There was also a note saying I am sorry. #surprise #car #gwagon #royalhugs #aaaawwwhh #happy #love #sorry #money #moneytalks #entrepreneur #key”

“Part 2: so we would be doing a part 3 soon. So the woman said to us we should just drop the key for him with a note. *lips sealed* We were more than happy to do this delivery, I wish I could write the full gist, but it is not professional. ????beg me if u wanna KNOW. Did i forget to mention Tinubu’s daughter was in the restaurant *lips sealed*…. #justSaying #g.wagon #aaaawwwhh #ROYALHUGS #entrepreneur #happy”

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  1. Nah God go punish u guys wey post this rubbish. The news is on NL, it was a guy that bought it for her gf to say sorry

  2. See how them da embezzle naija money and tomato na 500# but still it doesn’t concern them well ………………..note that all na vanity no body will be Berry with his or her money so make a change and let everybody have ur name in the book of life tinubu daughter na wa for you allot of people need education I don’t even think of that so u just spoil 40m just for am sorry ……………..all politician there is God ooooo

  3. I wonder oooooo… Cause when i first saw the new is guy that bought g_wagon to say sorry 4 his girlfriend.. So we don’t know what to believe sha

  4. Them rise money in Nigeria but people say they rise no money in Nigeria but a girl is buying a g-wagon for are boyfriend to say sorry there is god oooooooooooo

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  6. It’s a fallacy. Theres no iota of truth in this. Whoever is doing this should and do simething better with his/ her life.

  7. Na waa o,which one mk i come blv now,saw dis pix on a another page with a different caption…SMH!

  8. Na d tin wey dem tak our money do,wen dem no sweat for am.my God wipe out d spoilers of dis nation o.Amen

  9. Pls Mrs tinubu daughter come and be my galfrnd so that u will offend me and buy me g-wagon everytime

  10. Na her papa work the money or embezzle it, will you allow your daughter to lavish your hard earned money? Now you see it’s not hard earned but hard thief money. But na the guy luck make him grab his share now jare.

  11. Nigerians are suffering…..politicians have mercy on the poor….stop wasting our money…God have mercy on us all…

  12. And efcc no see the national leader probe o! Political thiefs!!Na God go probe al of una wey no want ds country to beta.

  13. I can’t jst imaging hw much is in dat account now for her to buy this kind of a car for some1 n still smile like it notin. OMG God will punish your father thieve ole burugu ekwensu? In fact if she smiles d way u don’t want next time get angry n ask for a private jet foolish tin

  14. If this news is true then what is EFCC waiting for?.
    The must arrest her & interrogate her thoroughly where she got that kind of money from?

  15. I like that type of sorry, I will be like, darling, wouldn’t you please offend me and hurt me! Then , say ‘sorry’ like that. Would you please say sorry with an apartment key in Lekki!

  16. You are mad. God will punish u .u will die u just wasted money that u will keep it and just say sorry like that lf he did not answer find another bf babe u are crazy in the head

  17. So dis is how dae spend Nigeria’s money? And pple will be clapping for dem…may God help dis country

  18. It cannot be lf he is my brother l will burn the car and slap him l will call to come and carry her car that my brother has another gf

  19. Poor minds discuss people, weak minds discuss events, while great minds discuss ideas. Mind ur bizness if u got one

  20. All of ur are mad for madding over here,make i go drink me garri today na sunday, pray for ur salvations and stop gossiping,if ur papa na tinubu what will u all do.ans me of after the other,men nigerians

  21. Wich boy will see such a car and will not forgive his gf..even madpesin ….any my bae fit do am 2 times truly..she just got me an Iphone6 as new month gift….

  22. Dat is madness….d gal nids prayer….she shud beta cum to rccg camp for prayers…..she has beta tins to do with d money…motherless babies home is der….pls d lady nids sense…she no gt am

  23. smiles nice one baby-girl lips sealed………………………me that tattoo a girl name on my hand and she did not even care about it………………….wish she was the one #Tinubsdaughter

  24. They say 9ja no gt money our under 23 no fit go Brazil 4 their match nw bt dis idiot dy buy motor 4 anoda stupid person. Efcc must hear this

  25. God is seen u all,our money,i see is for just d people on top,
    Fool dat wat tinubus daughter is


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