Too Much Telemundo? Monalisa Chinda Caught Kissing Her Hubby In Public


love is sweet though and when you see actress, Monalisa Chinda, smiling anytime she walks in public, one just need to know that she has found that love beyond acting.The actress, who recently got married in far away Greece, got many smiling when she publicly kissed her hubby while having lunch together.

Well, don’t blame because she is an actress and also she has watched too many telemundos which she ended up practicing in public.

Too Much Telemundo? Monalisa Chinda Caught Kissing Her Hubby In Public 1

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  1. Is that an offence? Obama after preaching gay marriage was also seen kissing his wife in public. So explain his action to me.

  2. laziness Bovi. Laziness is the word for you. nxt time you post such on my wall, is bye bye for u and me. Dont promote lazy journalism Please!!!

  3. I said! A responsible woman who’s married to a man will not open her mouth to say all men are Dog! Now the question is who is she kissing? Man or woman?


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